viernes, 25 de junio de 2010

To Go Insane

I can no longer feel the wind on my face or look upon those shinning stars
I can not linger on these thoughts that never were
But if only I can hear those words I heard so long ago
My life would not have been in vain
It'd give me time to let you go...

I can no longer hear me sing a tune of love, for I am deaf
I can no longer entertain myself for sooner I am dead...
The one I was she cannot breath, I'm bathed in longing and in need
But if you were to shatter this, I'd give you all my greed...

I can no longer push away the hurt inside this lonely place
Inside the hole I dug for me to rest in peaceful daze
I can no longer wonder how time has given up on me
Not only I but you and me were never meant to be...

So if you give me one more day my life would end this way
not one more lie to run and hide and in this tomb forever lay
I can no longer reinvent our lives as if we always were
because of us you never were truly entirely sure...

I can no longer keep this on: my mask, my cell, my pain
my art, my love, my passionate will has made me gone insane...

1 comentario:

  1. O sea otra loca gotica?
    Lo que nos faltaba.
    Esa locura insanity in English, what is based on?